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June 30, 2017 @1:30 p.m. 
Update on Super-hero Caleb Estes

Please continue to pray for Caleb and his family as we draw nearer to the scheduled surgery at UT Hospital, next Wednesday (July 5th). After his lab work & scans yesterday (June 29th) he is still on schedule to have surgery next Wednesday. The good news is that the scan indicated the tumor hasn't grown at all, and it "might have" been reduced by the chemo treatments the past ten weeks? (Not sure if it is smaller, but it was obvious that it had not increased, so this is a win.) After his last treatment, his system still hasn't completely "flushed" and brought his labs down to zero as it did the first five treatments. Thursday it was .08, which is not a dangerous level, or anything that would delay the surgery, but every other treatment it has "flushed out" to "0.0" by this time. He is now drinking fluids so it continues to clear up. The doctors believe it is likely due to a specific med that was used in the "mixture" of the recovery med "cocktail"?

Overall, this lab work/scan on Thursday indicated positive reports, but there are still some questions unanswered? We assume, but still don't know with certainty if he will require additional chemo treatments following the surgery, pathology will determine the course of action. One genetic test "ruled out" one potential future problem, so we Praise the LORD for that report. Overall, he's in good spirits today (except he was planning on fishing at Pap's ~ Johnny & Naomi Walker's today and the rain has changed that plan! 🙃

There are no additional labs, scans or tests prior to his surgery on 7/05/17, so unless he were to get sick or something new come up, the surgery is on "Go" for Wednesday morning. He will be in surgery a couple of hours, then the plan is to be admitted to UT Hospital for a couple of days and hopefully home by Saturday? Again, thank you for praying for Caleb Estes and the family and please, don't stop! We'll keep you updated as we witness God's miracle of healing in the days to come. Blessings & thank you for walking with us on this journey! #teamcaleb #keeppraying #wewin

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