Texas APCO Trainer of the Year Award

The Trainer of the Year Award is presented to an individual whose contributions are instrumental in the excellence and success of a training program within a public safety agency.




Nominees must have been employed in the applicable category by a public safety or 9-1-1 administrative entity any time between January 1 and December 31 of the prior calendar year.

Persons submitting a nomination or being nominated must be residents of the United States or its Territories or members of the Texas Chapter of APCO, as contained in the APCO Police Manual Article XIII, Section 13.1.



  • Plans, develops, schedules and conducts classroom training for Telecommunicators, CTOs, Supervisors and/or management personnel within the profession.
  • Evaluates trainees, trainers and other public safety personnel’s performance.
  • Assists with developing and enhancing trainees’ professional knowledge and skill level through continuing education.
  • Provides and seeks out ways to improve public safety professionals in developing their potential in this profession.


  • Complete all the information requested below.
  • Include specific facts and examples.
  • All nominations must be received by FEBRUARY 26, 2018 at 5:00PM.


Award Nominee Information:

Nomination made by:


Please answer all questions individually. Nominations will not be accepted unless all questions are answered.

Provide an example of how the nominee goes above and beyond what may be required of an individual in this position.
Describe how the nominee is a role model and how he or she demonstrates professionalism and dedication to the profession.
Explain how the nominee instructs, mentors and nurtures trainees to help them fulfill their potential. Is the nominee able to convey clear expectations of performance and achievement along with providing timely and ongoing feedback in areas of success and those areas needing more attention?

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