The J. Ross Sherohman Memorial Education Fund Scholarship

J. Ross Sherohman first looked at any Public Safety matter with the eyes of a call taker and dispatcher.  Having worked in Communications for Harris County Sheriff’s Department, TX DPS, and the Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Department, he knew first hand of the need for training and education at agencies big and small.  Ross worked with TCLEOSE to develop a call taker training curriculum which has evolved into today's state mandated 40 hours of training required of all call takers within their first year of employment.  Ross was a passionate supporter of statewide 9-1-1 and a Texas-NENA board member.  This scholarship is established in his memory and dedicated to his mission of improving 9-1-1 through call taker training and support.



  • To assist public safety professionals in reaching a higher level of knowledge by participsating in the Texas Public Safety Conference and Pre-conference course.
  • To provide 9-1-1 professionals financial assistance, when needed, for educational opportunities provided by Texas NENA and there by enhance the public safety profession.



  • The applicant's employing agency must be financially unable to pay the cost of attending the TX-NENA sponsored event. 
  • Applicants must be employed on a full-time basis by a public safety agency, 9-1-1 administrative organization or official 9-1-1 planning board.
  • Applicant must not have received a scholarship in the previous program year.  
  • The scholarship is available to Texas NENA members and non-members.


Description of Award:

 Scholarships will be awarded for the Texas Public Safety Conference and one Pre-Conference Course, if available.  Recipients will receive accommodations for up to 3 nights at a hotel of TX-NENA’s choosing, registration for a pre-conference course of recipient’s choice if available and registration fee for the full amount.


Responsibilities of Recipients:

  Scholarship recipients must attend the full conference barring illness or unforeseen emergencies.  In case of an applicant being unable to attend the specified conference, the applicant may re-apply at any time to attend a future conference.  Scholarships are non-transferable.  Travel, meals and incidentals are covered personally or by your agency.

Applicant Info:

Please answer the following questions:
I understand the basis for the scholarship is for financial need. I hereby make supplication to Texas NENA for the J. Ross Sherohman scholarship based on the inability of my agency or county to pay the full cost of attending the Texas Public Safety Conference or Pre-Conference course. Please note: Texas NENA will cover cost of conference registration, one pre-conference course, and hotel for up to three (3) nights. Travel, meals and incidentals are the responsibility of the recipient.

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