Kid Hero of the Year Award

The Kid Hero of the Year Award recognizes an outstanding recipient of a local 9-1-1 Kid Hero award in the state of Texas.


Eligibility Criteria:


Nominees must be under the age of 18 or under at the time of the 9-1-1 call or a developmentally disabled adult.  The call must have occurred anytime between January 1, and December 31 of the prior calendar year.  Local recognition of the Kid Hero by a public safety agency or 9-1-1 administrative entity is preferred, but not required to be considered for this state award. Persons submitting a nomination or being nominated must be residents of Texas.


Award Winner Receives

  • Registration for the awards ceremony – child and parent/guardian
  • One night hotel stay with a double bed accommodation (child and parent(s)/guardian 
  • Travel: (Flight or Mileage)
  • Flight – a ticket for the child and a parent/guardian
  • or Mileage – paid based on the current state rate 



  • The child must have initiated the call and/or the child followed pre-arrival instructions or performed some other heroic act. 
  • Placed a 9-1-1 call whether by landline, VOIP, wireless phone, texting to a 9-1-1 call center.
  • Demonstrated quick thinking, fast action, bravery and heroism using the 9-1-1 system.
  • Displayed proper knowledge of the 9-1-1 system through providing the necessary information to get the appropriate help (i.e., address, phone number, and name). 
  • Listened, cooperated, and answered all of the call taker/dispatcher’s questions to ensure the correct response could be provided for the emergency. 

Nominee Profile

Nominators - Please answer the following questions. Nominations will not be accepted unless all questions are answered:
Describe the nominee’s 9-1-1 (i.e., date, the reason for the call, the outcome of the call, and any other circumstances that made this award unique).
Were there key players that were involved in the presentation of the award (i.e., mother, father, guardian, siblings, call taker, police officer, fireman, etc.)?
Include any news clippings, media footage or coverage and/or press releases regarding this hero, if applicable.

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