Juan Gomez Legacy Fund

Juan Gomez Legacy Fund

The Juan J. Gomez Legacy Fund was established to provide financial assistance to any professional in the Public Safety Communications field who can meet the requirements with a qualifying event that affects their personal life, or the life of an immediate family member.

Based on the nature of the event and the availability of monies in the fund, these individuals may qualify for financial assistance in times of distress. The Request/Nomination for distributions must be submitted on the appropriate application form.

Approval of the application and the amount to be distributed will be determined by the TX NENA Executive Board, in accordance with voting procedures as outlined in the Bylaws, Article VII Section 5.1.

The application will be reviewed within three business days with a decision made no later than seven days after receipt of the application.

Donations can be provided to the TX NENA Treasurer and made payable to the “Juan J. Gomez Legacy Fund”.

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