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Texas NENA Board Elections are Open!


To cast your vote for the TX NENA Board, you will need:

* The email address that NENA has on file

* Password is TXNENA20

(You will not need a Team 911 account to vote)



(Voting ends at 5:00pm 8/30/2020)


If there are any questions regarding the voting process, please contact Andrea Wilson, Immediate Past President at







Esteemed Texas NENA Members:

The Texas NENA Executive Board has not stopped working for our members during this time.

Texas NENA bylaws state that we will have one annual meeting of the chapter each year, the site and date are the responsibility of the Executive Board, and that the site for each meeting be made no later than six months prior to the meeting. Previously, the annual business meeting was announced to be held August 31, 2020 at 4:30 pm at the Galveston Island Convention Center.

Please be advised that the meeting has been changed to a virtual setting on August 31, 2020 at 2:00 pm CST.

In order to comply with our bylaws, policies and procedures, I heeded the advice of our Texas NENA Executive Board to seek outside council on how to best approach hosting a virtual meeting instead of an in-person one.

I spoke with multiple past presidents, and National NENA for legal counsel. Overall, all agreed that the Texas NENA Executive Board was within the authority to vote to change the annual meeting site with less than six months’ time due to the circumstances. Additionally, the suggestion was made to send out a survey to members soliciting feedback on conducting the meeting in a virtual setting.

The result of the poll indicated that members overwhelmingly were in support of the annual business meeting being held in a virtual setting in 2020 (64 responses total received, 62 voting in support of virtual meeting, 2 voting against). On June 3rd 2020, the Texas NENA Executive Board voted to change the meeting site to a virtual setting.

Installation of the newly elected board members will take place during this meeting. Per our bylaws, after receipt of nominations from the membership, the Nominating Committee will report a final slate of candidates to the membership at least forty days (40) before the date of the Annual Meeting, together with ballots, and that election ballots shall be returned to the Immediate Past President not later than noon on the day on which elections are scheduled to be held at the Annual Meeting.

Accordingly, elections will open July 26th and run through August 30, 2020 at 5:00 pm EST.

Lastly, our Awards Committee and Regional Coordinators are working jointly on the best way to present awards to our deserving award winners. The ingenuity and creativity of the Texas NENA Executive Board has me enthused at some of the preliminary brainstorming discussions! Please be patient with us while we iron this out.

Please use the link below to register for the Annual Business meeting. Registration is required in order to verify Texas NENA member standing in accordance with our policies and procedures, as well as ensuring that we prepare for the technical specifications accordingly. On a later date, vetted current members will receive an electronic invitation to attend the virtual meeting.

Deadline to register for the annual business meeting is Thursday, July 30th by 5:00 pm CST. Click HERE to Register

Texas NENA members, thank you for staying Texas Strong!

“See” you all soon,

Frances D. Garcia, ENP

Francis D Garcia, ENP                 TXNENA President

"Fostering the development and accessibility of 9-1-1 through membership and services"

"Texas NENA strives to promote research, training, and education to ensure all citizens and visitors have immediate access to 9-1-1 and emergency public safety services"

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