Texas APCO Nomination for 2nd Vice-President

Texas APCO 2nd Vice-President Information & Nomination

Minimum Requirements:

  • Be an Active Member in good standing serving in a non-commercial capacity.
  • Reside in the State of Texas and be a citizen of the United States.
  • Have the support of his/her agency (MUST download, have your management complete and upload below the Employer's Concurrence of Candidacy form located HERE).
  • Have attended two of the last four Texas APCO conferences or have previously served as an officer of another Chapter of APCO.

Desirable Attributes:

To effectively serve the organization, candidates should consider their background, education, and experience with regard to the following desirable attributes:

1. Leadership Skills: Texas APCO is a sizable not-for-profit corporation. Many of the Association’s members volunteer their time and talent toward helping the Association achieve its goals. Candidates should consider their ability to serve as a top-level executive of such an organization.

2. Budgeting Skills: Texas APCO has a large budget that supports widely varied goals and objectives. Candidates should consider their ability to develop and administer such a budget.

3. Contracting Skills: Officers on the Board should be familiar with the development of contracts for goods and/or services to include negotiating such contracts. They also should be familiar with the administration and enforcement of such contracts.

4. Meeting Skills: Officers on the Board either conduct meetings or represent Texas APCO in various meetings. Candidates should consider their inter-personal skills, negotiating skills, ability to work with a varied group of individuals, and ability to bring such a varied group to consensus.

5. Communication Skills: Officers on the Board represent Texas APCO in a variety of ways. These may include speaking to both large and small groups of people; presenting Texas APCO’s viewpoint to elected and appointed officials both verbally and in writing; and preparing statements and articles for publication in magazines, newspapers, and other media. Candidates should  consider both their public speaking and writing skills.

6. Ability to travel: Officers on the Board represent Texas APCO at a variety of meetings and other functions which require travel throughout the state of Texas and the United States.

Time Commitment:

To effectively serve Texas APCO, the Officers on the Board must dedicate a significant amount of time to the endeavor. In addition to frequent meetings with other Officers and various committees to discuss business matters, Officers are required to represent Texas APCO at various meetings and functions held by others. Candidates should consider the following:

1. Participation in the required meetings may consume various periods of time. Most are of one or two days in length; some are for an entire week; and a few are for a longer period of time.

2. Participation in the required meetings may require travel on Saturdays, Sundays, and/or Holidays.

3. To help minimize travel, some meetings may be conducted using telephone conference call facilities. Nonetheless, these meetings require time out of an Officer’s day and may last for a period of two or more hours.

4. The scheduling of most of these meetings is not a matter that can be controlled by the Officer. The Officers, however, have some flexibility as to which Officer(s) should attend a specific meeting or function.

5. Officers on the Board are required to review large volumes of e-mail, regular mail, and other printed material. Officers are expected to respond to such material in a timely manner.

6. The commitment of time will extend over the entire period of time for which the Officer will serve. Normally, the time commitment is less while serving in the lower offices and increases as one moves upward toward becoming the President.

7. In considering the time commitment, members should include an evaluation of how it will affect their normal job duties, how it will affect their employer, and how it will affect their family and loved ones. 

Declaration of Candidacy


I have read Article V of the Texas APCO Bylaws and satisfy all requirements for serving as the 2nd Vice-President contained therein.

Furthermore, I have read the Desired Attributes above and fully understand the background, education, and experience necessary to serve as a Board Officer. I believe I possess most, if not all, of those desirable attributes.

Furthermore, I have read the Time Commitment requirements above and fully understand the time commitment required as a Board Officer and hereby commit to satisfying those requirements over the term of my office.

Furthermore, I have discussed my candidacy with my supervisor and/or manager, including a discussion of the support required from my employer. My employer has acknowledged their willingness to provide that support as evidenced by the attached EMPLOYER’S CONCURRENCE OF CANDIDACY.

Therefore, I hereby submit my name as a candidate for the office of 2nd Vice-President. 

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